Hi there and welcome! My name is Sarah Jordison and I am a freelance graphic designer born and raised in Canberra, Australia.

I am an avid traveller with an obsession for Scandinavia, tall ships, nature and everything handmade or old. When I am not busy designing you can find me exploring the depths of antique shops (the dustier the better) or viewing the world through the viewfinder of one of my cameras.

I am passionate about exploring the many facets of design, which has resulted in my versatile design style and limitless approach to design avenues. I am always looking for the opportunity to work with new and exciting clients to create something special.


Client List:
Piia Sillvan Personal Training, Second Culture, Re-Align, Konservointi L. Salli

Published In:
UMG Magazine 2013, Us Folk Magazine 2012 (Issue 2)

Photo Credit: Graphicaone